Nintendo Switch™

Patch v.1.2.0

The METALLIC CHILD Patch v.1.2.0 for Nintendo Switch™ is now available.
Various issues have been fixed and balance adjustments have been made.
As always, to enjoy the game in its optimal performance,
please make sure you are updated to this version when playing the game.

The contents of this patch are as follows:

  • -Adjusted the balancing of STORY mode.
  • -Adjusted the balancing of EASY mode.
  • -Improved the battle tips displayed in the tutorial.
  • -Adjusted the security camera's distance.
  • -Adjusted the balancing of Mini-cores.
  • -Adjusted the balancing of weapons.
  • -Adjusted the balancing of drones.
  • -Increased the amount of rewards for Challenges.
  • -Adjusted the balancing of the final boss battle.
  • -Adjusted the difficulty of the final stage.
    Reduced the number of levels from 6 to 4 for the final stage.
  • -Adjusted the balancing of the gimmicks in the Graver battle.
  • -Adjusted the effective range of the Black Holes in the Shutty battle.
  • -Added some Japanese voices.
  • -Added a UI effect for successful Chain-skills.
  • -Made "Rolling Attack" available to be used at anytime,
    while it used to be a Super-core effect.
    In turn, "Rolling Attack" can no longer destroy shields.
  • -Eliminated limitations on difficulty change.
  • -Made Keepers not applicable to the effect of the Mini-core "Grappler."
  • -Improved functioning for the Switch™ platform.
  • -Fixed some text issues.
  • -Fixed the volume for certain voices.
  • -Fixed an issue in which traps and enemies would appear together in the final stage.
  • -Fixed an issue in which the message "Shield Destroyed!" would be displayed
    when Rona attacked Fira's shield in the Fira battle.
  • -Fixed an issue in which Rona becomes uncontrollable after unboarding a Powerbot.
  • -Fixed an issue in which items can drop outside of the battlefield.
  • -Fixed an issue in which Rona can run out of the battlefield.
  • -Fixed other minor issues.

The following bugs are still to be fixed:

  • -An issue in which, after installing a Super-core, the Super-core Installer screen would remain displayed
    (scheduled to be fixed with Patch v.1.2.1).
    Temporary solution: Navigate to the Super-core tab under Info, and then close the Info screen.
  • -An issue with the controller settings (will be fixed with Patch v.1.2.1).
  • -An issue in which, under certain conditions, Rona can run out of the battlefield (will be fixed with Patch v.1.2.1).

We thank you for your continued patronage!