Nintendo Switch™

Patch v.

The METALLIC CHILD Patch v. for Nintendo Switch™ is now available.

Addition of Content

  • - Added the Christmas Custom gears "Stellar Pixie" and "Snow Pixie."

Bug Fixes

  • - Fixed an issue in which the camera angle would not return to normal after a Take-down.
  • - Fixed an issue in which Rona can run out of the battlefield at the start of battle.
  • - Fixed an issue in which Rona could get immobilized at the same time as defeating a boss.
  • - Fixed an issue in which Chain-skills would be unleashed multiple times at once.
  • - Fixed an issue in which Shutty would malfunction when unleashing ranged attacks.
  • - Fixed an issue in which, when the MC skill "Ice Time" is unleashed while an enemy is evading, that enemy would freeze out of bounds.
  • - Fixed an issue in which Core energy would not be lost when receiving damage while the bugged Core "Leaky Core" is installed.

Balance Adjustments

  • - Altered settings so that Core Chargers would appear randomly in the battlefield.
  • - Lowered the probability of Core Chargers dropping when viral Cores are installed.
  • - Lowered the HP of Keepers in Terminal Karma.
  • - Lowered the HP of high-hazard level robots.
  • - Altered settings so that enemies are not knocked back when hit by Rona with the Super-core "Dash" installed.
  • - Lowered the attack power of the weapon "Four Tigers."


  • - Adjusted processing load on the Switch™ platform.

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